Unlimited number of photos which ensures the customer and estate agent have plenty to choose from. All photos are enhanced and includes adding a bright blue sky if needed

£40 - £80


2D or 3D floorplan, from speaking to customers the majority of them prefer 2D because they are much easier to look at. Each room is measured using a laser measure and I also like to measure door and window frames so the floorplan gives a true representation of the property. My floorplans also have a compass which shows which direction the house is facing which allows customers to determine how much sun the garden will have.

£30 - £50

Virtual Reality 360 Tour

Virtual Reality is the latest technology to advertising properties as you are giving customers more reason to buy and sell with you. VR Tours give viewers a true feel for the property before viewing, it is perfect for customers who are relocating and find it difficult to view properties due to travel. VR tours also show parts the a property which sometimes a photograph can not do justice for e.g. large open plan spaces, storage areas, dressing areas. I use the latest equipment in the Ricoh Theta Z1

£60 - £150


As of the 21st May 2010, if you decide to place your property on the market for sale or rent in England and Wales you will need to purchase an EPC. I am Elmhurst Energy Approved Assessor. Prices will vary if the property is of a substantial size.

£40 - £60

Photos + Floorplan

£60 - £100

Photos + Floorplan + EPC or VR Tour

£100 - £130

Photos + Floorplan + VR Tour + EPC

£130 - £170

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Multiple Property Package - Contact for prices

Discounts available for multiple property orders, hotels, new build sites

Commercial Packages - Starting at £20

I provide internal and extrernal photos for business premises such as pubs, shops, offices and hotels, prices differ depending on how many photos are needed and travel time

*On average I provide estate agents with approximately 20-30 photos so they have plenty to choose from for advertising